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Glimpses: The Great Chair Migration


A little boy pushed the stack of chairs with all his might, but it didn’t move. When his dad tried to assist by pulling the chairs along, he yelled to stop helping. The boy wanted to do this all by himself. So while his son pushed, the man slowly tugged the stack of chairs across the field in order to give the little boy the success he was working so hard for.

Today seating for the Hill Cumorah pageant was set up. The cast worked together in 90-degree weather to unload, align and clean around 9,000 chairs for Friday nights premier audience.


This was a big job, but the cast members were in good spirits as they joined together to get it done.

“Many hands make light work,” said Lori Lawrence of Toronto, Canada. “We have over 750 people here all lending a hand. When everyone does their part, it’s a breeze. (We’re) like an army of ants. All by ourselves we don’t get much done, but all together we can do great things.”



Men, women and children of all ages worked together as they unloaded chairs from storage and carried them to the large grassy area called the bowl where the audience will sit to watch the show. Most large productions hire out a job as big as setting up and cleaning so many chairs. But the cast members are happy to do it themselves because they see it as a service project.

“I love it because its a great act of service,” said Teah Rollingson from Alberta, Canada. “I’m not gonna lie, the great chair migration is a challenge. But it’s all worth it when you’re serving the Lord and the community.”

-Story and photos by Sarah Williams

by Sarah Williams on 07/7/2016