Historic Sites FAQs

Historic Sites FAQs

Is there handicapped parking available?

Yes, the entrance is marked and tour buses also enter at that gate. Parking volunteers will direct you to the area for handicap vehicles to park.

Can I bring my own food or drink?

Yes, visitors are welcomed to bring picnics, as long as they dispose of refuse properly. There is no barbequing or fires permitted. No alcoholic beverages are allowed.

What restaurants are available in the area?

See “Restaurants” tab on hillcumorah.org

Where can we stay?

See “Accommodations” tabs on hillcumorah.org

How do I schedule a session in the temple?

See the “Palmyra Temple” link on hillcumorah.org for schedule and call 315-597-6001

How crowded is it during Pageant?

Way more than you can imagine. On a busy day mid-summer we get 200-300 people at a site. During Pageant we get 3500.

How much time can we spend in the Sacred Grove?

As much time as you’d like. There are no tours in the Grove. It is open from dawn to dusk.

Can you get lost in the Sacred Grove?

Yes, but that’s a good thing…you can look for the benches as markers to lead your way out.

What are the photography restrictions at the sites?

There basically are no restrictions for non-commercial photographers. However, any photo or video activity that will be used in a commercial way (like by a wedding photographer) will need to be cleared ahead of time with the Site Director.

What about flash photography?

Use of flash is permitted anywhere at the sites.

What can we take out of the Sacred Grove?

Please take out only what you bring in (including children...)

Can we have a devotional in the Sacred Grove?

Devotionals and testimony meetings may only be held at the Gathering Place, but not in the Grove itself to allow everyone to enjoy the space there.

What is the Gathering Place?

An “amphitheater” of benches located near the southeast entrance to the Sacred Grove. It seats approximately 175 people and can be reserved for devotionals, testimony meetings, etc.

What time do the sites and Visitors’ Centers open?

It depends on the season. During Pageant and Summer most are open 12 PM to 9 PM Monday on Sunday and 9 AM to 9 PM Monday through Saturday. Look at each page for detailed information.

What time is church?

See the “Sunday Meeting Schedules” link for nearby congregation meeting times.

Can we camp at Zion’s Camp by the Visitors’ Center?

No, Zion’s Camp is not open to the public for camping.

Where can we park buses?

At the Smith Farm, there is designated bus parking on the gravel lot north of the Welcome Center. At the Whitmer Farm there is designated parking along both the East and West side of the parking lot in the front of the Visitors’ Center, or in the rear. At the Book of Mormon Publication Site, Passengers should be dropped off at the rear of the building and the buses moved to the lower lot just north of the building. Parking is available in front of the Hill Cumorah Visitors’ Center.

Can a bus drive up the Hill Cumorah?

Yes, but it’s a little tight at the top for turning around.

Can we bring pets or animals to the sites?

Only service animals are allowed.

How long does each site take to see?

It depends on the size of your group and whether it’s Pageant time or not. Generally you should plan on about an hour at each site. Any group larger than about 50 will take longer. Remember to figure in bus-loading time and travel time between sites for your schedule. During Pageant weeks, you will be competing with many other people and tours, so plan for a longer time.

How far between the sites in Palmyra?

Hill Cumorah to Smith Farm: 3 miles; Hill to Grandin: 5 miles; Grandin to Smith Farm: 2 miles. Smith Farm to Whitmer Farm: 28 miles.

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