Hill Cumorah Pageant

Pageant FAQs

How do I get tickets for the Pageant performances?

All performances are free, no tickets are needed

How much is parking?

The parking is directly south of the Pageant site and is free to the public.

Is there handicapped parking available?

Yes, the entrance is marked and tour buses also enter at that gate. Parking volunteers will direct you to the area for handicap vehicles to park.

Is there reserved seating?

No, there are 8,000 seats and they are open to the public. Groups wishing to sit together should arrive early. Items set on seats to “mark” a group area will be removed by Security. Individuals who wish to save seats, may save up to 5 seats for each individual sitting on a row.

Is there food available?

Yes, local service clubs provide an assortment of hot dinners, drinks and snacks. Click on Food to find the link with prices and menus.

Can I bring my own food or drink?

Yes, visitors are welcomed to bring picnics, as long as they dispose of refuse properly. There is no barbequing or fires permitted. No alcoholic beverages are allowed.

Can I bring my own chairs or blanket to enjoy the performance?

Yes, areas are marked off for those who want to bring their own lawn chairs. Walk ways are clearly marked for performers as well as for Fire codes and audience safety.

What time does the performance begin?

The processional begins at 9:15 each evening. The costumed cast welcomes the audience from 7pm until the processional begins.

How can I find out about applications to be a cast member of the Pageant?

Pageant applications are available via this website (see Applications) and are accepted in August of each year for the following year’s performances. All cast and crew are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and volunteer their time to participate. Selections are made in December and cast and crew are contacted via email about their selection.

What handicap accommodations are available for the hearing impaired?

American Sign Language Interpretation is provided live for each performance (at the front Left-hand side of the Pageant)

Can I listen to the performance in Spanish?

Yes, head sets are provided for Spanish translation at the Language booth.

What restaurants are available in the area?

See “Food>” link on hillcumorah.org

Where can we stay?

See “Accommodations” link on hillcumorah.org

How crowded are sites during Pageant?

Way more than you can imagine. On a busy day mid-summer we get 200-300 people at a site. During Pageant we get 3500.

What about flash photography during Pageant?

Use of flash is not permitted during Pageant.

What is the Pageant Study Shelter?

A covered meeting area used by the Pageant cast, seating around 400. It can be reserved for large groups anytime other than the month of July. Note: chairs have to be set up and taken down for each use.

Can we camp at Zion’s Camp by the Visitors’ Center?

No, Zion’s Camp is not open to the public for camping.

Where can we park buses?

At the Smith Farm, there is designated bus parking on the gravel lot north of the Welcome Center. At the Whitmer Farm there is designated parking along both the East and West side of the parking lot in the front of the Visitors’ Center, or in the rear. At the Book of Mormon Publication Site, Passengers should be dropped off at the rear of the building and the buses moved to the lower lot just north of the building. Parking is available in front of the Hill Cumorah Visitors’ Center.

When is the Pageant?

Usually the second week in July. Check the “Pageant” links at hillcumorah.org for the upcoming summer’s schedule.

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