2019 Pageant dates announced

The 2019 dates for the Hill Cumorah Pageant have been announced!

Mark your calendars now. The dates for the 2019 Hill Cumorah Pageant will be July 11, 12, 13 and 16-20.

Whether you’re coming for the show, or applying for cast positions, this will be an amazing year.  We are so excited for all the things that are coming.  Check back here frequently for more information and updates.

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  1. Thanks for the date information. We plan on coming. My wife and I served in the NY Rochester mission from Aug. 2011 to Jan. 2013. We also helped at the Smith farm during the 2014 Pageant. Is there anything that we could help with during either week nect year?

    1. With the exception of pageant cast and staff, we don’t currently have an info on specific volunteer opportunities. Much of that is handled by the local Wards, Stakes an Missionaries. Please keep checking back however, if any become available we’ll try to post them.

    1. We’re coming from Utah to go to the pageant, and want to make sure we get in. What is the best time to come? We’ve never been to the pageant before and we’ll only have a day or two, so we don’t want to travel all that way and miss getting in.

      1. If you want to reserve seats, it’s best to show up a couple hours early. There are vendors on site for meals and plenty of room to roam, have dinner, mingle with friends and enjoy the environment.

      2. Everyone gets in. The grounds are enormous and there is always plenty of seats and parking, so it doesn’t matter what day you or at what time you come, unless you would like to closer up.

    1. Make reservations asap… don’t be afraid to look at surrounding areas because areas around Palmyra book up fast. Rochester is about an hour away.

  2. The last time I visited Hill Cumorah was in 1985 and I would love to share the experience with my family. How do I get tickets for the pageant?

    1. The pageant is free. No tickets are required. Simply come on the day you wish to attend. We recommend coming early to get better seating.

        1. Hi Laura,
          Next year, 2020, is the last year. The sound system is incredibly loud and finely tuned, so you will be able to hear it just about anywhere in/near/around Palmyra. 🙂

    1. We can’t make reccomendations, but there is a list of some of the lodging options at the bottom of the “Pageant” page. Click on the “Lodging” icon.

  3. This new site looks great! Thanks for putting it together.

    Just an FYI … ‘Wether ‘ is spelled incorrectly, in your 2nd paragraph.

  4. Do you know when the hill cumorah pageant will be for 2020? We would like to attend this is where my husband served his mission in 1995?

    1. We have not yet received the dates for 2020 but they generally start accepting applications in August or September so you’ll want to check back frequently.

  5. I am interested in applying for my family to be in the cast in 2020, how early will that be open? How many days would we need off to be able to be there? Will they need nurses for cast medical?

    1. They usually begin accepting applications in September or October but a specific date has not been set. Check back frequently for updates.

  6. Is this the last one before the end the pagaent? We heard there was going to be one in 2020 but it would be a restoration theme story instead of the classic BOM story.

    1. From what we’ve been told, 2020 will be our last year, but we have heard nothing about the program or any changes to it.

    1. Looks to be a little bit less that 6 hours each way. The show starts later, so that would make for a long drive back. Lots of good places to stay in and around the hill though.

  7. I can’t come to the pageant this year but plan to come in 2020. Do you have the tentative dates for next year. I normally plan my vacations 12 months ahead and would start looking at plane flights in July if this year. I missed coming the last time because we got stuck in my least favorite airport Newark. We would stay in Liverpool.

  8. There is a disconnect between this page and the Pageant page. One has the dates as July 12-13 – one has the dates as July 11-13. Which is correct? I’m booking a flight based on the dates and was planning on leaving NY on the 12th because the dates said it would begin on the 11th.

  9. I was wondering about what the seating is like because I need to have a seat with a back to it..are there pictures available with seats?

    1. Hi Wende,
      Yes, there are thousands of hardback chairs. There is also room for people to bring their own comfortable lawn chairs or blankets. You could probably bring a nice Laz-E Boy recliner too and that wouldn’t be frowned upon. 🙂

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